Lucas Munson is the author and creator of indie comics SIAMESE, THE BRISINGAMEN, and ECLIPSIS, co-creator/co-author of the jam comic ALPHA X, and the author of a book of flash fiction, VERY SHORT STORIES. 

A former high school English teacher, Munson is a founding member and CEO of the Twin Cities Comic Collective (TC3) and is actively involved in various comic and design projects within the group—including recent commissions for the Dangerous Man Brewing Company, the 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival, and the upcoming pixel-art project, Ate-Bit. 

Munson graduated from the University of St. Thomas where he was nominated for an Emmy for his involvement in the production of the documentary LESSONS FROM THE HEART. He currently lives in the Twin Cities with his wife and son.http://www.siamesebook.comhttp://www.thebrisingamen.comhttp://www.eclipsisbook.comVery_Short_Stories.htmlVery_Short_Stories.htmlhttp://www.twincitiescomiccollective.comhttp://www.twincitiescomiccollective.com