The three-years mighty-winter has nearly ended. Precious time is running out. There’s no mistaking that the signs of Ragnarok have appeared. Bloody battles. Brother killing brother. The giants, dwarves, and men of Asgard have heard the cockerel’s crow. Before long, Heimdallr will blow his echoing horn and the final battle will be upon us. Amidst the reckoning, our last hope is held in the hands of Odin and Freyja, for only they possess the power of the Brisingamen.”

Culled from the wellspring of Old Norse legend, the graphic novel The Brisingamen: The Runes of Ragnarok follows Odin, the man, on the extraordinary journey that ultimately leads him to centuries of worship as the god of wisdom, prophesy, and power. Using compelling stories and characters pulled from myth, author Lucas Munson creates a fresh take on the tradition of Odin while leading the reader through an epic adventure of brutal battle, mystic treasure, and love born in spilt blood. Master illustrator KoolAsHeck deftly adorns each page with sweeping scenery and expertly crafted characters that inhabit this beautiful and savage world. Together, Munson and Kool have drafted a timeless graphic novel that will captivate and thrill until the final page has been turned.