The Artwork of Kool As Heck

Kool As Heck

Illustrator/Writer - Evenfall

Illustrator/Writer - Icarus

Illustrator/Co-Creator - The Brisingamen Executive Producer/Art Director - Alpha X

Illustrator/Writer - The Eyes Of Charon

KOOLasHECK (a nickname he has had since a kid growing up in New York) is successful pinup artist who transitioned over to his first love, Sequential Art. KOOL is a founding member of the Twin Cities Comic Collective (TC3), a group of like minded comics professionals actively collaborating and creating together based in the greater Minneapolis area. They are currently commissioned for many high profile projects, the most recent being asked to create poster designs for the Dangerous Man Brewing Company and the 10,000 Laughs Comedy festival.

Kool is currently writing and illustrating EVENFALL, an experience that ties together horror, crime, sorcery and the overwhelming scary trend of technology dependency and THE BRISINGAMEN with fellow TC3 member, writer Lucas Munson. KOOL was one of the executive producers on the Sci-Fi Pulp adventure , ALPHA X, provide the breakdowns for every page as well as the overall art direction.

Quickly becoming  a Rising Star on the Self Publishing Scene, KOOlasHECK is making on impact on the comic book world.